CFI México 35 Years

Honoring our commitment to Mexico

For 35 years, CFI has seen firsthand the ever-changing tides in cross-border transportation. We have walked beside our customers amidst altering trade agreements, through uncertain markets, and developing challenges across the US-Mexico border. Despite these challenges, CFI continued to invest in our Mexico operations, even as competitors left the market. CFI Mexico is a team of pioneers within the transportation industry, able to succeed in Mexico where others could not. We invite you to celebrate with us as we honor the proven successes, the trusted relationships, and the unwavering commitment to meeting our customers’ needs in Mexico. 


Our legacy of success paves the road for future progress. CFI is a trusted, long-lasting player in the transportation industry. We leverage our owned networks, assets, experience and relationships to meet the needs of our customers. For 35 years we have proudly risen to challenges and exceeded our customers’ expectations even amid changing conditions.


Understanding the developing changes at the US-Mexico border is not something we leave our customers to navigate on their own. We value our customers time and leverage our resources to ensure efficiency of cross-border transportation and utmost cargo security. CFI is partnered with more than 80 C-TPAT North American carriers providing our customers with superior service at the border.


CFI Mexico has been a stable, reliable partner for businesses shipping cross-border for 35 years. We navigated uncharted territory pre-NAFTA with expertise and confidence, and we are committed to ensuring our customers have a knowledgeable guide in us under USMCA regulations.